A California Detour

Staying ahead of the curve.

Chris can’t wait to take his annual trip to San Francisco and nerd out at an emerging tech conference. At a young age, he embarked on an unending quest to understand how things work. Now the 3rd grader who dissected his mother’s radio is the guy who helps his company incorporate developing technologies for a living. As a chief technology officer, Chris no longer needs permission to take things apart and test out his ideas.

A car after a techie’s heart. Fuel cell electric cars make their own electricity. How is that for efficiency?

Driving new ideas.

Chris can’t believe it when he runs into his old college roommate, Marcus. Space cadet Marcus, who used to think JavaScript was a coffee brand. Now he is a brand marketer and is actually pretty good at it. Marcus suggests they take a trip to Sonoma to sneak in some cycling when the conference wraps up. Knowing Chris is a tech junkie, Marcus offers to let him drive his fuel cell car on the way.

Need a lift? Fuel cell cars can travel 300 miles or more before refueling, and refueling takes less than 5 minutes.

Enjoying the downshift.

As they unload the bikes from the car’s bike rack, Chris takes in the expansive scenery. The conference was geek paradise, but also jam-packed, no breaks, and way too many nametags. It’s nice to remember what it’s like to pause as he breathes in the Pacific breeze. He doesn’t miss his office‘s sterile air, heavy with looming deadlines.

Preserving the future. Fuel cell electric cars emit water with no tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Seeing a new way forward.

Who would have thought the best part of his tech trip was taking a minute to unwind? Chris was blown away when he realized the car he drove to Sonoma was actually a fuel cell electric vehicle. During the entire bike ride, Chris grilled Marcus about how it produced energy. Marcus joked that the car could run on the endless supply of Chris’ questions instead of hydrogen. But, just like the first gaming system he coveted as a kid, Chris is determined to be the first on his block to get his hands on this tech.

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