A Day on the Slopes

Squeezing in a snowboarding trip before the end of the season.

Gabriel is excited to set off for a father-daughter day in Stowe. It’s Mia’s first time snowboarding but Gabriel might be the one who is the most excited. Thanks to a great deal Gabriel got on his electric car, he decided to commemorate this big day by surprising Mia with a new snowboard. Now she can take on the bunny hill in style.

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A pit-stop just for old time’s sake.

There’s this little country store on the way to Stowe. When Gabriel was a kid, he and his dad would make a pit-stop to grab a bag of gummy worms. It was one of Gabriel’s favorite memories about his ski trips with his dad. Now it’s a tradition that he aims to keep going with Mia. When they walked into the store, she went straight for the gummy worms. It was a proud moment for Gabriel.

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Making new memories with new friends.

Mia had a great time making new friends on the bunny hill, so she’s concerned when she notices one of her friends with his dad, who is struggling to get their car started in the cold weather. Gabriel can relate, he remembers his father’s old car would often stall in the cold as well. So, he offers them a ride to their hotel. He’s glad they did—they exchange numbers and agree to meet up with the kids again next season.

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Making sure some things always stay the same.

As Gabriel drives away from the mountain, he swipes through a mental slideshow of fond family memories. “Always leave the mountain the way you found it,” he remembers his dad saying to him. He repeats the advice to Mia, as she nods off in the back.

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