Finding Freedom

Starting a new chapter.

There have been a lot of changes in Beth’s life lately—her children have started new careers and have moved out on their own. But she is welcoming her new chapter with open arms. She’s spending more time with friends, bought an electric car in her favorite color, and converted a spare room into an art studio. She’s calling it the Year of Beth.

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Living in the now.

The best part of being an “empty nester?” She can be a little more spontaneous. What’s to stop her from dropping everything and driving to the beach? Literally nothing. Well, she does need a new hat. So, she is off to the store. THEN there is nothing stopping her.

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Soaking up the sun.

No spontaneous beach trip is complete without assembling a crew. Beth calls up her two best friends and they decide to meet up at their favorite lunch spot before catching some rays. Her friends want to arrive in style so they all vote to take Beth’s electric car when they finish eating. That’s fine by Beth because she has enough room for her friends and Frankie, her new inflatable flamingo, anyways.

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And looking forward to the road ahead.

As Beth and her friends roll up their towels, laughing about “the seagull incident,” she notices the deep violet of the clouds, backed by the dark orange hues of the setting sun. Yep—life is different, but she is loving every minute of it. And now she is inspired to start on her next painting in her new studio.

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