The Beat of Her Own Drum

Entering the big league.

Marisol has been “adulting” an awful lot lately. She just landed a job in the heart of the city and bought her first car—even more impressive, she’s flossed every single day for a week straight. That said, debating what to name her car in a group text was the most stressful part of her month. Well, that and figuring out how much to put aside for her 401K.

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Never giving up on the good times.

It’s 6pm on a Friday and Marisol somehow got her inbox down to 50 unread emails. She has officially earned karaoke night. During her day-long conquest to inbox zero, her car has been charging in her office’s garage. Tonight’s theme is 90’s music and she is ready to spice up her life. All that’s left to pull her hair through a neon scrunchie and practice her best Mariah singing voice on the drive over.

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And making time for family, too.

She loves living in the city and now considers brunch a way of life. But she also loves that she can drive home to visit her family for long weekends. Tomorrow is special because it’s her mom’s birthday. Since she’s the middle child, she packs first thing in the morning to make sure she gets some alone time with her mom before the other two arrive.

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Never missing a beat.

Home sweet ho—oh no, she forgot a present. How did she forget a present?! Luckily, she remembers her mom’s favorite store is just a few exits ahead so she makes a quick detour. They even do gift wrapping. Disaster averted. She lowers the back seat, loads up the present, and she is back on the road in no time. We can just pretend that she planned it that way.

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