The Thrill of the Chase

Anticipating adventure.

Ben may have just retired from a 40-year career in conservancy but that doesn’t mean he plans to stay out of the field. He is returning to nature but this time he is collecting bird sightings rather than data. He’s loaded up his electric car with his hiking gear and he is heading to the National Park to finally catch a glimpse of the peregrine falcon. Now he just needs to fuel up—on coffee, that is.

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Soaring along the backroads.

Ben drives along county highways, enjoying the fresh pine tree smell and the quiet sounds of the forest when, suddenly, he hears a peregrine’s call. “This is it!” he thinks. This is the weekend he sees his elusive raptor.

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Living the dream.

Ben hikes through the woods to a higher outlook, taking photos of the park’s natural beauty. Suddenly, his moment arrives—he sees a peregrine falcon execute an aerial dive. Within seconds the bird is gone. But he got the shot.

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Returning victorious.

As they look through the stunning photos Ben captured during his trip, his wife casually mentions that she would like to join him next time. The only thing more exciting than finally seeing the peregrine falcon is the idea of enjoying his hobby with his wife. When she walks away, he starts shopping for a camera to surprise her. Little does she know, he’s already been plotting another trip to the park.

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