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Your EV questions, answered by comedian Tom Papa

Comedian, author, Netflix star, and electric car owner and enthusiast Tom Papa is here to explain everything you need to know about electric vehicles (EVs) in a new video series, “You’re in Charge with Tom Papa.” The three-part series, which was scripted by and stars Papa, answers some of consumers’ most frequently asked questions surrounding EVs.

Episode 1 addresses some of the most popular EV topics, including range, charging and cost. Papa – who recently starred in the Netflix special, “You’re Doing Great” – even shares his own views on the benefits of driving an EV, from quieter commutes to saving money and the environment.

“I decided back in 2014 to take the plunge and buy an electric car. Like fatherhood, it was kind of a daunting decision, but unlike fatherhood, it really paid off,” he quips.

Episode 2 demystifies the EV charging process. While Papa explains that most charging happens at home, he demonstrates the simplicity of using public charging stations to power your vehicle. You can simply pay for sessions via an app or credit card and, in some cases, it’s free.

“Short trips, long trips, it’s all the same. Plug in, charge up, and go,” Papa says. “There’s no limit.”

Episode 3 shows how EVs can easily fit into and enhance your everyday lifestyle. Fewer moving car parts means less maintenance and, in turn, less money spent on service and repairs. Errands are “an absolute cakewalk,” Papa says, and EV drivers also enjoy long road trips. Plus, there are thousands of dollars of incentives available to EV drivers.

“You wouldn’t believe how much savings they fit in these things, with states and even dealerships offering big incentives for going electric,” Papa adds.

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