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Why Drive Electric?

Do you like peace and quiet? Saving money? Helping the planet? Feeling good about yourself? And looking cool while doing it? As you can see, it’s a lot tougher to figure out why you shouldn’t drive electric. Take a moment to explore the multitude of ways making this easy switch can be right for you.

Switch cars, not your lifestyle

Comedian Tom Papa made the switch to electric back in 2014 and would love to answer all your questions in this video. Or visit “See the Lifestyle” and join him for a quick ride to mom’s house to deliver some of his famous homemade bread.

See the Lifestyle

You're in Charge with Tom Papa: Episode 1

You're in Charge with Tom Papa: Episode 1

Why Did Comedian Tom Papa Decide to Drive Electric?

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Get The Facts About Electric Cars


Simplify your routine with an electric car that recharges while you recharge, and with driving ranges that fit your lifestyle.


Get information on incentives to purchase electric cars and the savings from reduced operating costs.


Learn more about the technological innovations “under the hood.”


See how smart choices now can make a better future.

The Fun Factor

Go electric for vehicle performance that makes the drive to work almost as much fun as the drive home.

Explore electric car models

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