With the electric cars available today, you don’t have to imagine the future of mobility, you can experience it. Manufacturers have engineered innovative technology to improve safety and performance.


Electric cars are advancing our driving experience. With the power of electricity, electric cars can transfer energy to the drive train with incredible efficiency. Energy is also recovered during the braking process, known as regenerative braking, and stored back into the battery. Innovative technologies options including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric cars are engineered to maximize range and performance.

What is the difference between a BEV and a PHEV?


  • Electric drivetrains offer enhanced performance and handling
  • Regenerative braking uses the inertia of the vehicle generated during the braking process and transforms it into electricity that is stored in the battery
  • Electric car technology continues to evolve as researchers find new resources, like the negative electrodes created with lithium metal, that advance range, increase battery storage capacity and upgrade performance
  • Fuel cell car technology is powered by electricity that is created through a chemical reaction


We know that peace of mind is important, which is why all vehicles (including electric cars) go through rigorous testing and meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Some electric cars offered today have also received Top Safety Pick ratings.



Performance and Weather

All cars, whether they are gas-powered or electric, can have their range impacted by things like the condition of the vehicle, one’s driving style or driving conditions. Real-world factors that can impact range include extreme heat or extreme cold, wind speed, hilly terrain, tire traction, tire pressure, weight being carried, whether you’re on the highway or in stop-and-go traffic, and, in the case of EVs, your battery’s life. But with at-home charging and convenient refueling options when on the road or at work, your electric car can still get you where you need to go, whatever the weather.


  • Some electric cars are available with features like all-wheel drive and can perform well in cold weather
  • Find an all-wheel drive electric car on the Vehicle Explorer Tool
  • Fuel cell electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electrics are minimally impacted by cold weather, meaning they still have most of their full range even in the dead of winter

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