Social Media Toolkit

Are you as excited as we are about being a part of Destination Electric? Let your customers know that you’re a future-focused business that supports driving electric by joining the conversation on social media. Not sure what to say? Use the visuals and posts below on your social channels. Be sure to follow @DriveElectricUS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the campaign hashtag #DestinationElectric in your posts.

Ready-To-Post Content

These posts are easy-peasy. Simply download the imagery below, copy and paste the captions, customize the bracketed text to fit your business, and post to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter!

Create-Your-Own Content

Want to get creative and post your own content? Grab a camera and snap a pic of your new Destination Electric decal, an electric car charging station near you, your community, or maybe even a friend’s electric car.