Choosing the right electric car will not substantially alter your everyday life. You can go to work and run errands, and you can still drive a sleek sports car or a minivan big enough to fit your entire family. With at-home charging options and a growing number of workplace and public charging and refueling stations, driving an electric car can be even more convenient than driving gas-powered cars.


Did you know the average American drives less than 40 miles per day? That means most Americans could drive a battery electric vehicle for days without needing charging, but why would you? It takes a matter of seconds to plug-in your car when you get home and your battery will be ready to go when you leave in the morning. And, many plug-in hybrid electric cars have longer ranges than cars that run solely on gasoline. With a variety of technologies and models to choose from, there is an electric car that will go the distance that fits your lifestyle.



  • Battery electric vehicles have a driving range starting at 80 miles per charge, up to 250 miles
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles offer 15 to 50 miles of all electric driving and can be driven an additional 350 to 600 miles on the gasoline engine if needed
  • Fuel cell electric vehicles have a range of 300 to 350 miles

Charging Time

Battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars are like a cell phone, you rarely wait for the battery to be completely depleted before recharging, and most charging is typically done at home while you are sleeping. Like a cell phone, overall charging times vary based on the amount of charge the battery has, the type of charging station, and more factors that are further explained in the technology section.



  • Most charging occurs at home, providing a new type of convenience for your lifestyle
  • More and more workplaces – where vehicles routinely spend hours parked – are offering charging options for their employees
  • A growing network of public charging stations, including fast charging stations, allows electric car drivers to “top off,” providing extended range for battery electric vehicles and additional electric-miles for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Fast charging stations recharge electric cars in about 30 minutes, allowing battery electric vehicles to take longer road trips, and even faster charging is coming soon


Most electric car charging is done overnight at home, followed by work. So, driving an all-electric car doesn’t mean making huge lifestyle changes, except no longer needing to change the oil or go to the gas station. Even with a plug-in hybrid electric car, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in gas station trips – you could go weeks without needing to make a stop!  There are several apps and websites that locate the closest charging stations for times when you’re not charging at home or at work.


  • 90% of all charging is done at home and the workplace
  • Workplace charging can increase the convenience and double the range of electric cars
  • Numerous airports, grocery stores and shopping centers offer charging stations
  • Apps, like PlugShare or AFDC, can quickly locate the closest charging stations

A Model for Every Lifestyle

What do a minivan, luxury car and SUV all have in common? Many are available in electric models. Electric cars have similar sizing specs, interiors, exteriors, safety features and accessories as gas-powered cars.  Moreover, electric motors are smoother and quieter than gas-powered motors.


  • Over 30 models available today and many more coming soon
  • Available in a variety of models including SUV, luxury, sport and minivan
  • Sizing specs, interior, exterior, safety features and accessories are almost identical to their gas counterparts

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