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Head to the mountains with Endless Adventure and get off the beaten path in your EV!​

Explorers Eric and Allison of @EndlessAdventure are a husband-and-wife duo bouncing around the country and the world just with backpacks and a knack for adventure. Follow along on their trip as they explore Portsmouth, New Hampshire and then head up to the White Mountains putting the Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Vehicle (EV) to the test.

The couple set off on their adventure north visiting the quaint city of Portsmouth and visited the many Destination Electric businesses while charging up at the public charging stations conveniently located nearby.

After a stay in this coastal New Hampshire destination, Eric and Allison set off to the White Mountains to test the all-wheel-drive and full-torque features of their EV. EV chargers are available all along the way and identifying a charging stop is made easy with Ford’s co-pilot system.

Follow along as this adventurous couple explores off the beaten path destinations and see just how easy it is to tackle a wilderness road trip in an EV.