An EV for Every Lifestyle

Today there’s an EV for everybody – super moms and dads, adventurers and road trippers. EVs are there for going to work, getting the groceries and feeling the turn in that curvy mountain road. It’s a lifestyle that will look good on you and on our planet.

You're In Charge With Tom Papa: Episode 3

The EV Lifestyle with Comedian Tom Papa

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Exploring the Northeast in an EV is Easy

Visit the best shops and restaurants across the Northeast while you charge up! Destination Electric shows why it’s easy to make the switch to an electric car and continue to visit your favorite communities.

15+ Destination Electric Communities

Across 7 states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

190+ Destination Electric Businesses

From restaurants to record stores, there are so many hidden gems to uncover and visit.

Welcome to Destination Electric

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